Rust Trade Site

RustyTrade Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do I trade with the Rust Skin Trade Bot?

1. Sign in with Steam

2. Set your trade url and made sure your Steam inventory is on public

3. Now Your Ready to trade! Select the skins you want to trade from your inventory and select the skins you want and click trade!

4. Our Steam Bot will instantly send you the trade offer so there is no waiting! You get your skins instantly!

5. Make sure to check to make the offer was sent correctly and contains all skins and if it is accept! Enjoy your new Rust Skins!

Q: Do I have to have Steam Mobile Authenticator to trade?

A: Yes, you have to have the moblie authenticator set up on your Steam account for 2 weeks to trade with the bot. You can set if up here

Q: What do I loose for the convenience of trading my skins fast and with ease?

A: We charge a slight fee for each trade, this fee can change but it is normally around 10-14%.

Q: Do you guys have a balance system on the site?

A: No, you will not get any balance on the site all trades are done in the trade offer so it is more safe for everyone.

Q: I have a question where can I ask it?

A: You can ask questions and get support in our discord here